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How we fund our services

CS Disabled Holidays was extremely lucky to receive a significant sum of money on the sale of Refresh and from the Robin Cavendish Memorial Fund to aid individuals with severe disabilities caused by Neurological or Neuromuscular Conditions.

CS Disabled Holidays has been established for 10 years, making grants to people who meet the charity's criteria. We currently make up to 80 grants per year and would of course like to make many more.

We are greatly oversubscribed each year, so we actively seek donations from members of the public, companies and charitable foundations who agree with us that these grants change the lives of those most in need.

Our overhead cost is very low, as the charity is run and administered by a board of trustees with just one paid charity administrator who works part time. Our applications are vetted by an expert group of trustees including a trained nurse.

Over recent years we have received a greatly increasing number of applications from severely disabled people, and it is sadly beyond our current financial ability to help everyone. Simultaneously we have been receiving more and more applications from people with other physical disabilities, equally in need of a life-changing break, but who do not meet the charity’s criteria. Therefore, we have decided to launch, a service that matches holiday properties to the needs and requirements both of disabled people and of carers. We are launching the scheme in June 2024 and it is our intention to attract a growing number of properties and beneficiaries as we progress.

CS Disabled Holidays aims to help those who need a holiday the most, but are the least likely ever to be able to afford to have one.


Help give a break to the severely disabled living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

It was wonderful to spend some lovely mother and son time together after many years of a carer/client type of relationship. Without this funding we would not have been able to have made these fabulous memories which will last us a lifetime.

— Sam, 2020

Donating online is the quickest way for us to receive your money. Donate today to make a positive difference to the lives of people with severe disability.

Individual fundraising

We are always delighted to work with individuals who want to raise funds on our behalf.

"Jane had not had a holiday since Take That split up, so let’s take that as a long time! Since the holiday we have even more love and respect for each other and I feel so invigorated to continue caring for this wonderful person."

— Margaret, 2023

Virtual quiz or games night. Home exercise challenge or head shave.

Cake sale, sporting sweepstakes, donate your skills, chocolate ban, concert or band night, swap event, swear box, pub quiz and office bingo. Every penny you raise will help bring forward the day when all severely disabled individuals and all unpaid carers have a break every year.

Securely send us any money you’ve raised through our donate form.

We are happy to help and to provide a few simple promotional materials

  • A4 poster for CS Disabled Holidays (suitable for printing on a standard colour printer)
  • Standard Gift Aid form
  • Digital CSDH Logo - We will provide you with terms of usage which you will have to agree to before this can be

Corporate Opportunities

Partnering with us as your chosen charity of the year is a fantastic way to get your whole company united around CS Disabled Holidays.

"We had a lovely time and the holiday took away a little bit of the reality of living with MND, even if for a short time. We looked forward to the holiday for weeks and we created memories I will now treasure forever."

— Ab , 2019

Employee fundraising

Partnering with us as your chosen charity of the year is a fantastic way to get your whole company united around CS Disabled Holidays and increase staff retention, loyalty and motivation. We will be on hand to develop a calendar of activities and can provide you with a range of fundraising materials, support and motivation along the way. 

If you are looking to hold a one-off fundraising event for CS Disabled Holidays, please discuss with us, we would love to work with you!

If your brand is considering working with us email us at or use the link below to access our contact form. Thank you.


A legacy in a will can be a great way of recognising the importance of ensuring that all members of a community can have a break.

"It's the first time I’ve felt like me since my diagnosis. I can’t express enough how much going away has helped me."

— Lisa, 2022

A change of scenery once a year makes an enormous difference, particularly to those who may be more restricted to visiting different places than most of society.

We are proud of what we achieve and are happy to accept legacies which make a real difference to what we can offer - we are happy to discuss future pledges to ensure that we can meet any requirements a donor may wish. To do so email us at or use the link below to access our contact form. Thank you.

Payroll Giving

Support CS Disabled Holidays through a tax-free donation directly from your salary.

"It’s actually rather difficult to express in words the emotions
experienced with having my first holiday in over a decade and traveling
abroad for the first time."

— Emily, 2023

Payroll Giving is a simple way to donate to CS Disabled Holidays. You choose how much you’d like to donate every month and we receive a tax-free donation directly from your salary.

Benefits for you

  • Quick and easy way to give regular support
  • Tax effective
  • Secure

If you wish to set up payroll giving, please email us at or use the link below to access our contact form. Thank you.