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Client 1248: Degenerative Disc Disease, Epilepsy - The Able Stables, Norfolk

Joanna Lees

"Serena had not had a holiday since “Take That” split up so let’s take that as a long time."

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On the 20th of June 2022 Serena who I care for and I embarked on a wonderful holiday for 4 nights with our two assistance Dogs Lex and Waffles.

This holiday was supplied and paid for by CS Disabled Holidays. This is a fantastic initiative.

I have been caring for Serena for over a year now and love her dearly for her sunny disposition and the fact she never moans about her circumstances. She is wonderful to work for but even so it is tiring. For us both to get a change of scene together was a wonderful idea.

The journey was fun and on driving into the gates of Able Stables we immediately could breath again.

Nobody can imagine what it was like to get out of busy London!!!!

Serena had not had a holiday since “Take That” split up so let’s take that as a long time.

We were met at the cottage and Stables by Lucinda, what a wonderful lady who had prepared everything for us so beautifully ❤

We looked around in amazement we stood in the most beautiful courtyard with roses and lovely plants in front was the living outdoor space which was the old stables with stacks of space for Serenas mobility scooter, the decor almost vintage French style so pretty, then she showed us this unique mini cottage that was literally dropped into the courtyard by crane I believe.

This little cottage was completely self contained with a big bedroom with 2 of the most comfortable beds in ( like sleeping on a cloud ). Every day spent in this very special place was unforgettable we loved it so much we did not venture far from our wonderful safe space even thoughthere was lots to offer near by we were so content. For me the holiday was a real bonding experience with someone I already had so much love and respect for.

Since the holiday we have even more love and respect for each other and I felt so invigorated to continue caring for this wonderful person.

On leaving we both cried when we said goodbye to Lucinda and we really did not want to leave.

This is such a wonderful organisation and Joanna from CS Disabled Holidays was so amazing and incredibly kind to organise this for us and we will be for ever grateful.