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Client 368: Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy - Trip to France

It’s actually rather difficult to express in words the emotions experienced with having my first holiday in over a decade and traveling abroad for the first time. Not forgetting that this is the first time I’ve traveled whilst living with a disability. That moment of rolling out of the ferry at…

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Client 341: Fractures in the lower thoracic and lumber spine causing the narrowing of the spinal chanel. Fibrocystic Lungs.

We recently were able to spend a wonderful week's respite break at Sandpipers, Southport , a holiday care facility run by Revitalise for people living with many and varied disabilities. My husband, aged 85 has fractures occurring in his lower back and narrowing of his spinal canal,also COPD which results in…

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Client 364: Retts Syndrome, Trip to Paris to visit art museums, April 2023

The grant from CS Disabled Holidays allowed my carers and I to have 6 days in Paris visiting Art Galleries and Paris Landmarks which was a dream come true!. I got to see so many of my wishes come true – I saw the Starry Night by van Gogh, and…

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Client 1276: Picard I Goutieres Syndrome, attended the Canterbury Family Camp

Our daughter had a great time in the holidays, the best part being able to go to the beach including being able to lying in the sand , and all the fun which goes with it. By attending the Camp, she was also able to enjoy going bowling among other…

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Client 299: Brain Tumor and Multiple Sclerosis - Family trip to Disneyland Paris March 2023

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help and very kind contribution towards our trip to Disneyland Paris in March 2023. Our wee family have been through so much the past two years with my husband’s health going down hill,he was diagnosed with a brain tumour…

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