Application preparation - neurological & neuromuscular - Severe disabilities - Educational

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Application preparation

What you need before you start the application process

  • Independent confirmation of illness and level of disability
    Please download the document which you can print. Once completed, scan or take an image with your phone and attach to the application.
  • Evidence of a specific educational trip on specific dates for a specific costs. This evidence will need to be either scanned or photographed and attached to your application in the appropriate place

Please note that once you start you will need to complete the application process in one session.

Eligibility Questions

You may want to think about how to answer these three questions as well. You will complete text boxes to both these questions. We have limited these answers to 5,000 characters. There is no need to use all the characters.

  1. Please give us any further information which you feel is relevant to your eligibility and explain how a CS Disabled Holidays grant will benefit you and/or your carer?
  2. Financial Information – You are applying for a grant, please explain why you think you should qualify for financial assistance for an educational trip. This question is about why you should qualify financially.
  3. You are allowed to apply for a further grant a year and a day after the last holiday for which a grant was provided. If you have had a grant from us in the last 2 years, please explain why you think you should qualify for further support at this time.