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Help us to fund more Disabled Holidays

Make a donation to CS Disabled Holidays

CS Disabled Holidays can provide financial assistance so that anyone living with a severe disability who needs a break but can’t afford one, is not denied the opportunity to refresh and re-energise.

CS Disabled Holidays formerly “The Cavendish Spencer Trust” is one of the few charitable organisations in the UK dedicated to helping the severely disabled take a holiday or respite break.

Local Authority and Grant Funding for disabled holidays are diminishing, and seldom make up the full amount required for a severely disabled person to be able to take a holiday. If you would like to donate to CS Disabled Holidays, please click here.


Why are accessible holidays so important?

We all deserve a break, a change of scene, but those who are severely disabled and need nursing or even social care may find their disability an impossible obstacle. It is expensive not only to find accommodation that is suitable to their needs, but also to pay for the care that is needed.

Although a hotel may have wheelchair access, organising outings and activities for wheelchair users is a major undertaking. Many centres provide no care: those that do are expensive. Fewer still provide specialised nursing care, for example for those dependent on a mechanical respirator to allow them to breathe.

Anyone who needs 24-hour care and any sort of special nursing care will often need to take their own team of carers on holiday with them. This means they must pay for accommodation not only for themselves, but also for their carers, as well as continuing to pay their carers’ wages. Social services and/or health authorities may provide funding for care, but they will rarely pay any extra for recreational breaks. Donations to the CST are entirely focused on making these breaks possible and removing the stress of finance in order to have a well-deserved holiday.


A huge Thank You to all the very kind and generous individuals, organisations, trusts and companies who provide such generous support.