Applicant no. 1158 – Primary Progressive MS

//Applicant no. 1158 – Primary Progressive MS

Applicant no. 1158 – Primary Progressive MS

It’s hard to put into words how wonderful it’s been to spend time with my sisters and mum, who  is 91.

The weather was kind to us every day and we were able to spend a few days on the coast. Spending time in the sunshine has really given me a boost ready for the winter ahead.

I have come home feeling refreshed and my concerns about my health were eased. Having the company of my family each day I found very beneficial, it gave me a great boost.

As far as the best bits were concerned, one day that will always remain with me was a trip with my mum and sister to Warwick, New York where we visited the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I myself am a Jehovah’s Witness but my mum and sister aren’t. We were all so impressed by the quality and standard of workmanship, the beautiful surroundings and the fact that the majority of the building work has been undertaken by volunteers. All those who serve there have dedicated their lives to Jehovah God and have offered their services to support the Bible educational work of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Myself and my family would like to thank CS Disabled Holidays for the grant that enabled us to have this quality time together.