Applicant no. 1075 – Spinal Cord Injury Tetraplegic

//Applicant no. 1075 – Spinal Cord Injury Tetraplegic

Applicant no. 1075 – Spinal Cord Injury Tetraplegic

Dear Joanna Lease

Thank you for helping us have a wonderful holiday, I never imagined being able to abseil and swing from ropes.  Myself and my wife was able to do activities together, the food was very good at the Calvert Trust in Exmoor, Devon and a day in Iframe with the views and tunnels that we went through.  We also enjoyed a night when spiders and other little creatures were brought into the Calvert Trust and to learn about them.  The coach journey down to Devon was very relaxing and the were we staying in Exmoor at Calvert Trust the rooms were excellent with the equipment I needed due to disability and time we had with horses really enjoyed.  Staff was really helpful from Limitless Travel, the group that we was with we really enjoyed there company and staff at Calvert Trust was excellent.  Once again thank you for financial support towards a wonderful holiday.

Craig & Julie