Applicant no. 1045 – Multiple Sclerosis

//Applicant no. 1045 – Multiple Sclerosis

Applicant no. 1045 – Multiple Sclerosis

My brother very much  enjoyed his 11 night stay at Leuchie house from the 30th July-10th August.

The journey was pleasant and straightforward. Stopping in Musselburgh for lunch the journey took around 3 and a half hours. Leuchie House is set in the beautiful countryside of North Berwickshire.  A wonderful house beautifully decorated that made him feel as if he was living as a Lord at times. The lift to the bedroom was tight and some entrances difficult to manoeuvre. This is due to Leuchie House being a listed building and therefore unable to be adapted in certain places. The public areas were generally accessible with only one area being difficult to get to. The bedroom was spacious and all equipment was moved into the room as required. The bed was comfortable, and he slept well and as a result changed his mattress on his return home to the same airflow mattress he had used on holiday. The care provision was very good. The staff were friendly, supportive and competent, always providing a very high standard of care.  The food was also enjoyable with a wide selection at mealtimes.

My brother enjoyed two days out during his 11 night stay. One to the Berwick Seaside and Bird Centre where he enjoyed views of the sea and an ice cream, the other to the Scottish Aircraft Museum where Concorde was on display. He thoroughly enjoyed this, as he is very passionate about flying and aircrafts. The suggestion that he may have been able to enjoy a flight in a Microlite was the deciding factor for him booking the holiday.

He also enjoyed a ‘Pimms Party’ on the patio area outside where he could relax and enjoy watching the wildlife in the vast gardens. There was also a local musician who entertained the guests one evening playing an array of instruments accompanied by singing. He enjoyed socialising with the other guests, especially his old friend Dan from Milton Keynes who was also on holiday at the same time.

My brother is very appreciative of the financial support he received from CS Disabled Holidays which allowed him to enjoy this experience and have a break from his somewhat restrictive, rather monotonous  lifestyle experienced at home being confined to his wheelchair and living on his own in a remote rural area.