1059 – Bilateral Spastic Paraplesis

//1059 – Bilateral Spastic Paraplesis

1059 – Bilateral Spastic Paraplesis

Many thanks for the £200 pounds towards my holiday to Chessington. My daughter and I haven’t taken a holiday before because of the extra expense being disabled incurs but with some help with costs I was able to take my carer with me .

My 13 year old daughter thought I was joking when I told her where we were going to Chessington Theme park for a few days of fun, fun, fun.  We had a great time going on the (very scary) rides!,  watching shows , visiting the  zoo and aquarium, even going to breakfast and lunch were fun. I don’t think I have ever seen my daughter smile so much

Thankyou so much for the financial assistance,  it enabled me to take a break, let my hair down and live life for moment    and  you have made a little girl very happy.